Striptank are the best designed soak tanks in the market. Manufactured from food grade stainless steel with a double insulated frame and allowing for temperature adjustments.

Our detergent is Non Caustic, Enviro friendly & Biodegradable.


Need clean Canopies

Try our exclusive Non Caustic Canopy cleaning chemical. 

About us

Striptank is an Australian owned company that has been operating successfully since 2000. 

We have spent years testing and working with chemical and cleaning specialists to obtain the best results and continue to do so.


Our exclusive Safestrip solution will safely remove carbon build up, baked on fats and grease from your kitchen equipment and utensils with no damage to the parent material.


Our unique Safestrip solution is Caustic free, biodegradable, enviro-friendly and contains no phosphates.


Eliminate the need for filter exchange cleaning contractors and reduce your fire risk in a hot kitchen by soaking your canopy range hood filters in the Soak tank.


Our Striptanks are the best designed commercial soak tanks on the market. Manufactured in Australia from food grade stainless steel with a double insulated frame and allowing for temperature adjustments.


We have recently added an Automated tank to our product range made in Australia


We also custom manufacture various sized Soaktanks to suite our clients requirements.


Our Striptanks are also available for outright purchasse and we can supply you with chemicals to service the Striptank yourself.


The Striptank's multi award winning product is used extensively throughout Australia and internationally with amazing success. 


We rent the Striptank units to our clients and service them on a monthly basis whereby we drain, clean and refill the Striptank with our exclusive Safestrip solution.


The Striptank can also be rented on a self service basis, we supply our clients with the Safestrip solution and train them in the correct and safe operating procedures.


The Striptank remains under full warranty during the rental period and we are always available to ensure that the Striptank units never let you down.


Contact us for a free no obligation trial to see the fantastic results first hand.


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